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Bring 23 Reasons Why 23 Years is Enough: Clemency for Pascual Carpenter to your campus, place of worship, or organization.

If you’d like to sponsor an event to screen the film and need a copy, either file or at-cost DVD, let us know. If you want the Producer/director or a member of Pascual’s family to attend the screening that can be arranged. Transportation, food, and housing costs would have to be paid by the organizer.

Use the film to begin a discussion on the Felony-Murder Rule. Use Pascual's own Civil Rights Complaint that seeks to bring Non-Lethal Defendants Convicted of Murder (NLDCM) together as a class.

The Felony-Murder Rules transfers culpability to accomplices for any death that occurs during certain felonies, regardless of the person's role in the crime. Pascual seeks to reform or repeal the law in New York State.

To book a showing, email FossilFernProductions@gmail.com.

For more information about his post-incarceration work From Bars to Beyond, visit: http://fbiib.org/.