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UPDATE: Pascual Shakoure Carpenter has been released on Parole!


Documentary Short! 23 Reasons Why 23 Years is Enough won an Award of Merit from:
Award of Merit

Pascual Carpenter (along with six others) was convicted under the Felony-Murder Rule for his role as a lookout in the 1990 New York City subway robbery that resulted in the death of Utah tourist Brian Watkins. He has been in prison for the last 23 years.

This is a documentary about both Pascual's conviction and the much-maligned Felony-Murder Rule. The Felony-Murder Rules transfers culpability to accomplices for any death that occurs during certain felonies, regardless of the person's role in the crime. Pascual, an 18-year-old at the time of the offence, never foresaw, witnessed, aided, or concurred with any fatal aggression on that horrible night.

NOTE: Pascual Shakoure Carpenter has been released on parole! Thank you to everyone who has helped make this a reality!

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For more information about his case, his accomplishments, and the draconian nature of the Felony-Murder Rule, please visit http://pascualcarpenter.wordpress.com/.

Felony Murder and Parole

The Felony-Murder Rule ensnares many non-lethal defendants who might otherwise have been charged with manslaughter or a lesser murder charge. This can present special problems when going before a parole board.